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But sex workers and sex worker advocacy groups generally support the proposal, saying decriminalization or legalization is the best way to keep sex workers safe and healthy without increasing the number of trafficked women or minors involved in the sex industry. A government-commissioned study examining the effects of the decriminalization law reveals some positive effects like greater likelihood of reporting violence to the police, widespread use of a government guide on health and safety practices in the industry, and no rise, or even a drop, in the number of sex workers in the country.

Many of the major problems of exploitation cited by workers in the study related to social stigma and fear of authorities, suggesting greater normalization of their work would yield even greater benefits. Sex worker rights advocates also dispute many of the figures used by anti-prostitution organizations to suggest that sex work, trafficking, and exploitation go hand-in-hand. In the U. Stings still target sex workers on a regular basis, and even children as young as 13 are arrested , incarcerated, and often subject to even more abuse over their lifetimes.

When trying to reduce prostitution in the United States, it could be more helpful to look to another Swedish policy —- their strong welfare state.

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But for some strange reason, many women judge their partner based on their penis size, believing that this is related to how good they are at having sex. There are many people that believe that bigger is better, but that is far from the truth. In my personal experience, having a partner with too big of a penis can be overwhelming. For example, I once had a partner with one of the biggest penises I have ever seen.

I was speechless. When it came to us having sex, not only was I bored out of my mind; I was in pain, too. Many men take pride in the size of their penis.

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Hey ladies: take a break from chasing that six-packed Adonis and instead divert your gaze to the oft-overlooked Homer Simpson Doppelganger. You may thank us for it. While he may not have the most attractive physique upon first glance, the man with the beer belly may turn out to be quite a pleasant surprise in other important ways , if you know what I mean. But are fat men better in bed? Well, a study out of Turkey concluded that overweight men with obvious bellies last longer in bed than their thinner counterparts.

These heroic researchers dedicated to finding answers to life’s big problems studied the BMI and sexual performance of men seeking help for sexual dysfunctions contrasted against men who reported no problems. The result? Men with a higher BMI and, yes, unsightly guts, lasted an average of 7. Ouch, right? A five-minute difference is pretty significant. As in three times as long kind of significant. In fact, they found skinnier guys more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation, too.

No judgment from your tubby, cuddly man.

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